Tell the FCC: End Sports Blackouts!

Finally, sports fans are being heard. In response to a petition from Sports Fans Coalition and other consumer groups, the FCC has decided to review its Sports Blackout Rule and decide whether it's finally time to eliminate the rule.

The Sports Blackout Rule prevents fans from seeing a home game when the local stadium doesn't sell out. Specifically, it says that if the league tells a local broadcaster to black out a game because tickets didn't sell out, fans are not allowed to watch that game any other way. The leagues think this will get people to buy more tickets, but as we fans know, ticket prices are way too high for many to afford, especially in these tough economic times. It's unethical and counterproductive.

We finally have a real chance to do something about it. The FCC has agreed to reconsider the outdated, anti-fan sports blackout rule. This opportunity for sports fans to be heard at such a high level of our government is very rare, so we need to rise to the occasion!

If fans fail to tell the FCC what we think, we will lose this fight! The leagues are going to bring in their big-gun lawyers and lobbyists to keep their government subsidy that props up blackouts.

We can't let that happen. Let's make some noise!

If you ever tried to watch your home team play, only to find that the game was blacked out... If you ever wanted to attend the game, but just couldn't afford the costs of tickets, parking and concessions, yet couldn't even watch the game on TV because the game didn't sell out...Or if you just think it's plain wrong for your government to be propping up the leagues' blackout policies...

Now is the time to be heard. Tell your friends and family and all the fans online to send their comments. If enough fans tell the FCC to end the sports blackout rule, we can win!

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